Recycling Centre


We recycle used watches and clocks of all makes and types.

Sadly, far too many useful watch and clock parts end up in the landfill sites when they are no longer needed by their owners. When watches and clocks break down, or simply become outdated, they often end up in a “sock drawer” or a special cupboard until they are disposed of.

Quite often the disposal of the pieces is carried out by someone other than the original owner. The value of the watch or clock may not be understood and the unit ends up in the garbage out of convenience. Our business is based on repairing watches and clocks. In his forty-five years experience as a watchmaker, Richard Brownbill has earned his fine reputation with both jewellers and public because of his technical skills and personal honesty and integrity. We would far rather see a valuable timepiece repaired, than end up cannibalized for parts. Whenever we receive a watch worth repairing we immediately notify that donor of its value and repairability. Perhaps they would want to restore their watch and pass it on to the next generation as part of their own legacy. Our vision for Perfect Timing has always included caring about others.

The watch repair industry has been undergoing some major changes. Most new watches are being manufactured without any replacement parts being made; most old watches are now obsolete and no parts are available. Obtaining necessary parts to repair many watches has become an enormous challenge for watchmakers. We search worldwide via the Internet to find replacement parts! Even if a watch received is not usable for parts, it will never end up in the garbage.

When we can rebuild and re-use a part from a donated watch everyone is a winner: Our customer is able to enjoy his or her heirloom; Our business is able to continue; There is less non-biodegradable material in our landfill sites.

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