Perfect Timing


Our watchmaker/clockmaker Ally Harris is doing a series of tutorial videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages to help you get you clock set up properly.
If you don’t see your type of clock, send us a request to add a new video.

Check out our YouTube channel to see all of our tutorials

Take down and set up of Cuckoo clock
Setting up a 400 day clock
Setting up a German made wall clock
Setting up a German made mantle clock part 1
Setting up a German made mantle clock part 2
North American Mantle Clock set up
Modern Grandfather Clock Tutorial

Here is a link to a tutorial on watch bracelet sizing:
How to Determine the Number of Links to Remove from a Watch Band

Here are some downloadable set up sheets (.pdf format) for different types of clocks:
Clock set up tips – general
Spring wound clock set up
Wall Clock set up
Ship’s Bells

Here are downloadable pages on winding and setting procedures:
Winding an Automatic Watch
Setting The Time And Date