Perfect Timing


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Comments from Facebook:

Kevin Jon

“They do well because they are such a GREAT business who know their product. Expertise does not even begin to touch on what they offer!”


“They are an awesome place to do business. They repaired a clock that my parents had for years and then Dave and I had it and now Dylan and Andrea have it. Keeps “Perfect Timing” – no pun intended!”

Kevin Jon

“Same here. They did a work up on my great grandfathers pocket watch and grandparents mantle clock! Wonderful work and keeping our family heirlooms running smoothly!”


“We have been in the store and their customer service was excellent whether we we changing batteries in a cheap watch or looking to buy a more expensive one”

From Google Reviews:

James Hoysa

“Repaired and adjusted the band of my son’s watch quickly with reasonable charge and super friendly staff!”

Scott McCready

“Nice selection and the ladies that work there are excellent. No pressure to buy.”

Andy P

“Stopped now on two occasions for battery replacements. Awefully nice people in there and Alley (sorry if I have spelling wrong) is fantastic. Has good knowledge and experience plus great customer service. I would recommend this place for watch service.”

From our email:


“By the way, I’m loving the work you guys did on my PR 516 GL, I haven’t worn anything else since I picked it up. And normally I don’t wear the same watch over two consecutive days lol.”


“Thanks to both of you for the great service and care taken with our clock. When it chimed again in our house for the first time, it was like having an old friend back.It has been ticking away in the background my whole life: a real comfort to hear it again in these troubled times.” (during the Coronavirus pandemic)